Hell Marys

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You here will find the list of all creatures, sortable by Names, Starting Stage, Element, Pictures Gallerie, Hit Points (HP) at level 1, Attack (Atk) at level 1. Click on the name of the creature to see the artwork of Stage 1.

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-::- FIRE -::-

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Database version: 2167
Ascendant Element Decendant Ascendant Creatures (27) Decendant Ascendant Basis Decendant Ascendant Total Decendant Ascendant HP lvl 1 Decendant Ascendant Atk lvl 1 DecendantDetails
FireFire GiantStage 1 21311598ID Card
FireSpiderborgStage 2 453240213ID Card
FirePyrodoriaStage 1 458163295ID Card
FireDelphineStage 1 471233238ID Card
FireKnightsmithStage 2 697451246ID Card
FireVarlaStage 2 716323393ID Card
FireFire AngelStage 2 913413500ID Card
FireGluttonyStage 2 958476482ID Card
FireCerberusStage 2 983540443ID Card
FireDragon ManStage 2 985350635ID Card
FireLong De NuhaiStage 3 208710541033ID Card
FireXiao LongStage 3 23181497821ID Card
FireKasai FujinStage 3 238010771303ID Card
FireFire DemonStage 3 238610591327ID Card
FireTephraStage 3 24441583861ID Card
FireLithiaStage 3 261111741437ID Card
FireShe-DevilStage 4 278412321552ID Card
FireMotokoStage 3 287410551819ID Card
FireKasai AmanozakoStage 4 348417491735ID Card
FireKasai ShinigamiStage 4 348912102279ID Card
FireEvil TwinStage 4 392519711954ID Card
FireCrimsonStage 4 409814502648ID Card
FireOktoStage 4 422523051920ID Card
FireFarcryStage 4 427828341444ID Card
FireChef VegaStage 4 448529041581ID Card
FireAuroraStage 4 449716242873ID Card
FireWrathStage 4 481217163096ID Card

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