Hell Marys

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You here will find the list of all creatures, sortable by Names, Starting Stage, Element, Pictures Gallerie, Hit Points (HP) at level 1, Attack (Atk) at level 1. Click on the name of the creature to see the artwork of Stage 1.

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Database version: 2167
Ascendant Element Decendant Ascendant Creatures (20) Decendant Ascendant Basis Decendant Ascendant Total Decendant Ascendant HP lvl 1 Decendant Ascendant Atk lvl 1 DecendantDetails
IceRolling StonedStage 4 470029731727ID Card
IceVervainStage 3 27111724987ID Card
IceXiao LiuStage 4 350616031903ID Card
IceMermaidStage 3 24221579843ID Card
IceZombie TorsoStage 3 292314471476ID Card
IceDoddy VStage 3 266613601306ID Card
IceVaszaStage 4 338911882201ID Card
IceKenny TuckitStage 3 251711301387ID Card
IceDead ZeppelinStage 3 286610181848ID Card
IceSgt JacksonStage 3 26659531712ID Card
IceSlothStage 3 20529201132ID Card
IceSpace ZombieStage 3 21237891334ID Card
IceSkylarkStage 3 22067791427ID Card
IceIce MaidenStage 2 982344638ID Card
IceSpace VikingStage 1 487271216ID Card
IceScorpion WomanStage 1 476236240ID Card
IceSakkrificeStage 2 446212234ID Card
IceArcusiaStage 1 383172211ID Card
IceBella RageStage 1 467170297ID Card
IceIce MermaidStage 1 207103104ID Card

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