Hell Marys

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You here will find the list of all creatures, sortable by Names, Starting Stage, Element, Pictures Gallerie, Hit Points (HP) at level 1, Attack (Atk) at level 1. Click on the name of the creature to see the artwork of Stage 1.

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Ascendant Element Decendant Ascendant Creatures (26) Decendant Ascendant Basis Decendant Ascendant Total Decendant Ascendant HP lvl 1 Decendant Ascendant Atk lvl 1 DecendantDetails
MetalWar GhostStage 1 20110695ID Card
MetalBorgasiaStage 1 22497127ID Card
MetalScrap BeastStage 1 435282153ID Card
MetalGeminiStage 1 404204200ID Card
MetalNiemelStage 2 408192216ID Card
MetalMalverhoStage 1 496270226ID Card
MetalEnsign FoxStage 2 715468247ID Card
MetalBrain BorgStage 2 707448259ID Card
MetalTetsuo AssassinStage 1 465166299ID Card
MetalRip DicklyStage 2 921460461ID Card
MetalBorg BruteStage 2 974341633ID Card
MetalPolyphemusStage 3 1470600870ID Card
MetalRhazienStage 3 233511621173ID Card
MetalPatient ZeroStage 4 344522281217ID Card
MetalGreedStage 3 245312081245ID Card
MetalDr DvorakStage 3 231610501266ID Card
MetalJDStage 4 364923041345ID Card
MetalMajor RagerStage 3 242710601367ID Card
MetalCrushStage 3 293615121424ID Card
MetalLt RykerStage 3 281813871431ID Card
MetalOfficer SparksStage 4 433227681564ID Card
MetalHammerheadStage 3 26859481737ID Card
MetalYongyuanStage 4 354816121936ID Card
MetalFrankensallyStage 4 389219081984ID Card
MetalBass HunterStage 4 357312552318ID Card
MetalXiongshouStage 4 377813472431ID Card

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