Hell Marys


Invocations are the monsters, fighters call you to fight with you. They are divided into four elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Death) are over four levels of evolution. Each also has a skill level. There are several types of monsters, symbolized by the stars at the bottom right, from "Common" (common - 1 star), "Uncommon" (not common - 2 stars), "Rare" (3 stars), "Ultra-Rare" (4 stars) "Legendary" (legendary - 5 stars).

To increase the level of evolution, you must use the option "Evolve" and use the same monster.
To increase the skill level, you must use the "Reinforce" and use another monster. If you use a monster of the same item, the profits are higher. Attention, any increase in skill level is canceled when a monster evolves higher level of evolution.

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Terre - Earth Feu - Fire
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Glace - Ice Metal
[ Ice ]     [ Metal ]

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